System for the Increment of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Robotics


SIIARI aims to develop an intelligent robot capable of aquiring, easy and intuitively, the know-how from several years of training of specialized technicians. Innovative features of this project are the programming by demonstration of robots and the automatic recognition of objects geometry.

SMARTPAINT, a robot capable of reproducing the movements of manufacturing workers, was born in the scope of SIIARI project. The latter was led by FLUPOL, a surface engineering company from the North of Portugal, and integrated two units from INESC: CRIIS and CESE.

The technology developed in the project allows easier and faster robot programming and the incorporation of manipulators in small series processing, which demands high flexibility. The factory productivity is increased and specialized workers can be freed for more demanding tasks.

The robotic cell was tested and implemented in FLUPOL facilities.

Contact:  António Paulo Moreira

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Keywords: Manipulators; Programming by Demonstration; Artificial Intelligence; Flexibility