Digital Factory

01/05/2017 – 01/08/2018

Development of a robotic cell for cutting, drilling and welding of threaded or grooved sleeves for the manufacture of fire networks.

RIDUBA is a small metal-mechanic company, founded in 2004, which is mainly engaged in the manufacture of fire networks (prefabricated) and marginally in the manufacture of reservoirs, supports, collectors and tanks for lines of automobile manufacturers and the provision of services of configuration, painting and finishing of firefighting networks.
With this project, RIDUBA intends to introduce innovation in the organization of its working methods, productive processes and services that are made available to their customers.
One of the key actions is the adoption of robotic production technologies, fully integrated with engineering tools and with the operations management system.
In this way, INESC-TEC will develop a study to create a robotic cell that allows the vertical automation of the cutting, drilling, deburring, cleaning and welding operations according to the technical details created in engineering and with a high level of efficiency and productivity.
The system will allow the welding of threaded or grooved sleeves in any angular position of the tube, which will allow great flexibility in the design of the firefighting network.
With this robotized cell, RIBUDA will greatly increase the flexibility in its production and will be able to respond to orders from its customers with higher quality and shorter lead times.

Contact:  Luís Rocha


Keywords: Manufacture, Firefighting Networks, Welding, Cutting, Robot Offline-Programming.
This Project has received funding from P2020 – SI Inovação Produtiva.