Development of adaptive and modular palletizing robotic system with high flexibility

01/09/2016 – 31/08/2019

Development of an integrated system for the development and implementation of automatic palletizing systems for various product formats.

The Adapt Pack project proposes to research and develop a framework focused on the design and development of new robotic packaging and palletizing systems. The framework will allow the agile development of systems, fully configurable for the handling and packaging of products with different formats and having a highly flexible modular architecture that reduces significantly the time required for performing the conception, building and mounting tasks of the new systems.

The approach proposed by the project AdaptPack includes a number of innovative components that support, in an efficient and integrated way, the conception and evaluation of packaging/palletizing solutions and, at a later stage, the development and assembly of the solution to produce. This approach includes innovative concepts of modularity, simulation technology for supporting the system design and robots programming, a smart controller for robotic work centers and an adaptive gripper.
The project will result in an innovative concept and a technology kit (embodied in a set of software and hardware prototypes) that will validate the application of the developed research work in the design and development of adaptive robotic palletizers.


Contact:  Manuel Silva

AdaptPack Consortium 

Keywords: Palletizing, flexibility, robotic, lean.


This Project has received funding from COMPETE 2020 – 33/SI/2015.