Optimal Control: Health, Energy and Robotics Applications

01/01/2013 – 31/12/2015

Aplication of Optimal Control in Robotics, Energy and Health


Project Objectives:
1. Research and application of optimization and optimal control methods.
2. Analyze, simulate and numerically solve various problems modeling situations in areas as different as health, energy and robotics.
3. Obtain new optimal control methods useful to characterize solutions of problems.

The applications are here used as a driving force behind the theoretical developments. Although their choice is based on their societal interest, some problems are nevertheless chosen to ascertain that their analytical and numerical treatments trigger the need for new and improvements of theoretical and numerical results. Driven by applications it is our aim to contribute with theoretical results in areas like normality of the maximum principle, regularity of solutions and multipliers associated with the solutions of our problems and optimization based control.

Contact:  António Paulo Moreira

ochera Consortium 


This Project has received funding from FCT PTDC/EEI-AUT/1450/2012.