Perception-Driven Coordinated Multi-Robot Motion Control

01/01/2010 – 31/12/2012

A novel active approach to cooperative perception through coordinated vehicle motion control.

This project proposes a new approach to cooperative perception based on coordinated control of the movement of a vehicle formation. It is intended to dynamically change the geometry of the formation in order to optimize the accuracy of the respective cooperative perception of a static or dynamic object.
To achieve this objective, new methods will be created, both for the estimation of the overall state of the formation, decentralized and with low communication requirements, and for the control of the oriented formation of dynamic objects, for the cooperative location and follow-up of objects using decentralized data fusion measured by the various vehicles.

Contact:  António Paulo Moreira

IST – Instituto Superior Técnico
ISEP – Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto


This Project has received funding from FCT/PTDC/EEA-CRO/100692/2008.