TEC4Growth – RL iMAN – Intelligence for advanced Manufacturing systems

Since 01/1/2016

The goal of this project is to establish an innovative research framework, where several important research topics on supply‐chains and advanced manufacturing systems will be addressed in an integrated and synergistic way.

The TEC4Growth project addresses the theoretical and fundamental developments required to implement and take advantage of a foreseen predominance of intelligent systems in all sectors of the society. Nonetheless, the identification of specific target application domains has the advantage of bringing about challenges that otherwise would not be perceived, if remaining in a pure abstract approach. Corresponding to the profile of INESC TEC, the whole chain will be investigated: from bits to decisions, from sensing to robotics, from big data to information and knowledge. TEC4Growth is divided into three (3) main Research Lines:
SMILES – Smart, Mobile, Intelligent and Large scale Sensing and analytics;
FourEyes – Intelligence, Interaction, Immersion and Innovation for media industries;
iMAN – Intelligence for advanced Manufacturing systems.
CRIIS integrates the iMAN research line, which targets the manufacturing industries.

Contact:  António Paulo Moreira



This Project has received funding from NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000020.