Biobusiness and Technology for the efficient valorization of endogenous forest resources in the North of Portugal and Galicia

11/07/17 – 31/12/18

Increase the efficiency in the use of natural resources (forestry biomass) to contribute to the development of the green economy in the Cooperation Region.

In the North of Portugal and Galicia regions there are extensive forest areas that consist of untapped forest biomass potential. The weak biomass exploitation and accumulation of surpluses also represents a risk and a possible catalyst for wildfires.

BIOTECFOR goal is to increase the development of the Green Economy and maximize the utilization efficiency of the forestry resources.

BIOTECFOR focuses on:
– the development of strategies of exploitation and valorization of the endogenous forest resources in products and services in bioeconomy context;
– the development of innovative technological tools and solutions for efficiency and optimization of logistics and processes of exploitation and valorization of endogenous forest resources;
– training and creation of a network of regional agents to create business opportunities and create new value chains associated with the sustainable use of forest resources.

Contact:  Filipe Santos

Keywords: Forestry Biomass; Bioeconomy; Bioenergy.


The project has received funding from Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER) throug the Interreg V-A Espanha- Portugal 2014-2020 (POCTEP) Program.