Surveillance Robot

01/01/2010 – 31/12/2011

The project aimed to research, develop, integrate and assess technologies that allow the development of solutions and services for security and remote surveillance, supported by new generation networks and new image processing and computer vision algorithms.

RobVigil is an indoor surveillance robot capable of collecting and sending real time information from sensors and video cameras. The robot can be remotely operated or instructed to perform autonomous routes. It operates independently of light conditions and is able to cooperate with other robots or humans.

This project was developed with industrial partners for the industry. It presents the following functionalities:

1. Robust robot localization;
2. Intelligent battery charging system;
3. Transparent management of different communication technologies;
4. Use of multiple cameras and sensors;
5. People detection and tracking;
6. Visual programming languages for intuitive robot mission configuration and route planning.


Contact:  António Paulo Moreira




This Project has received funding from the QREN, 15/SI/2009, Proj. no 7905.