Solutions for the Industry of the Future

01/10/2017 – 30/09/2020

The mobilizing project PRODUTECH SIF embodies a comprehensive response towards the development and implementation of new production systems, embedding advanced production technologies, that will equip the manufacturing industry to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution.
The project incorporates a strategic, coherent and integrative set of R&D activities in key domains that foresees the development of new production technologies for multi-sectorial application, and with impacts in terms of the reinforcement of the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry at international level, encompassing:
– Networked production systems
– Innovative technologies for new cyber-physical production systems
– Development, management and improvement of cyber-physical production systems
– Key enabling production technologies, automation and advance robotic systems
– Integral sustainability and efficiency of production systems
– Energy technologies
– Advanced tools for the development of products and services
The project incorporates a research and innovation agenda, for production technologies, cyber-physical systems and industry transformation. It embodies the combined efforts from actors of the industrial fabric and research and innovation system, gathering a critical mass for the effective development and deployment of advanced knowledge and technologies, which will be transferred and assimilated by industrial companies, and deployed in innovative products and services (production technologies), embedding advanced solutions. As such, it foresees the technology creation, acceleration, transfer and demonstration of developed solutions in reference companies from user sectors, towards its effective diffusion, valorisation and adoption by industry.
The PRODUTECH SIF stems from the confluence of R&D +I(nnovation) +D(emonstration and diffusion) axes of the Production Technologies Cluster multi-annual programme and gather a consistent set of activities towards the above mentioned goal.

Contact:  António Paulo Moreira