Collaborative Robots

With the advent of Industry 4.0, collaborative robotics have gained increased importance and are changing human-robot interaction. The mindset is changing from encapsulating robots away from humans to having them work side by side with people. The work developed on Collaborative Robotics focus on Human-Robot interaction, Kinesthetic Teaching and incorporation of robots in the daily tasks of workers.

Robots can handle repetitive tasks alone or work with humans directly. The robot can provide indications (show the human where to put a certain piece using projection, for instance), can help in complementary tasks (holding a piece while the human performs welding operations, for instance) or collaborate in a task with the human, acting like a co-worker.

These systems can be of great importance to increase the homeostasis of their work environments, increasing human potential by augmenting the efficiency and quality of the work performed.

Collaborative Robot for Laboratory Automation

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